Volunteers – Log Hours Here


This page is for tracking volunteer hours which are used in our grant proposals and other funding mechanisms.

To log hours, simply enter a comment under “Leave a Reply”.

Using the format specified below will be VERY helpful for our volunteer who is compiling this information:

Format: Name (First/Last or First/Last Initial); Date; Work Performed; # of Hours.

Eric M; 3/25/17; Irrigation Work; 2 Hours

To avoid spam, the first comment posted by any user must be manually approved, so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t show up right away.

Thanks for helping out and thanks for recording your efforts!

NOTE: Comments display NEWEST first, 10 per page.

93 responses to “Volunteers – Log Hours Here

  1. Scott Kauffman
    -3/7/18: Meeting 1.5 h.
    -5/1/18: Meeting 1.5
    -6/5/18: Meeting 1.5
    -7/10/18: Meeting 1.5
    Weeding/garbage: 3

  2. Mary Beth 6/10 monthly meeting 1.5 hrs
    6/11 revised OMI CC grant application and added attachment 1 hr
    6/5 – 6/10 conversations with subcontractor re bollard lights .5 hr
    6/12 meeting with Ian et al re: stair redesign .5 hr.

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